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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 30, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> what he did was inexplicable a week before the election. >> sean: i agree with you. the president is nowhere to be found on benghazi but he'll be out there for the victims of the hurricane. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. seven days from today. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight it's not over. mega monster storm sandy slamming our country with misery and devastation. the death toll has climbed to 48. in the last 24 hours more than 8 million without power from north carolina to virginia to new jersey to connecticut to maine. more than 15,000 cancelled flights, stranding passengers from coast to coast and even overseas they could not get home. the latest estimate, 20 billion dollars in property damage. now we all wish sandy would go away, but she is not. right now she's still a large storm now hitting her latest target, the midwest. in chicago the storm giving a
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whole new meaning to the windy city. dangerous winds, gusts slamming the lake front. in lake michigan, the surf is extremely high, massive waves crashing over the break wall. we'll have a live report from chicago in just a few minutes. meanwhile, in cleveland, ohio, sandy's rain-soaking roots an her pourful winds uprooted trees and knocked out power. in west virginia, a snowstorm burying that state. sandy bringing blizzard conditions. tonight people digging out from three feet of snow, and then on the east coast, sandy leaving behind a trail of utter devastation. in new york city, sandy leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark and with no way to get around. a power station explosion adding to the outages. that explosion was caught in this dramatic video. and the biggest problem, flooding. the storm bringing the city's mass transit system that carries millions daily to a standstill. it's the worst damage in the 108-year history of the subway system, but that is not all. nyu medical center rushing to
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evacuate patients after losing power and emergency backup systems. babies weighing less than a pound, children and the elderly among the patients moving to other hospitals, and in queens, 80 houses burning down, residents losing everything they own. in new jersey, raging flood waters leaving entire towns underwater, houses swept away from their foundations. some strande stranded residentsd in boats but many unaccounted for. the new jersey transportation system is now completely shut down. governor chris christie calling the damage unthinkable. in maryland, hundreds of thousands still without power. the resort town of ocean city hit with the worst of the damage. sandy, well, she's not finished with us yet, so where is the storm now and what are her plans for us? meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking sandy in the extreme weather center. rick? >> greta, look at the size of the storm still, about 1500 miles across. if you go up across parts of maine and get across kentucky and across parts of georgia and
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south carolina, it's about 1500 miles. this is the big population zone along i-95 back towards chicago, the precipitation is less significant than last night. lighter rain, not like the heavy rain we saw yesterday. the snow is lighter as well. a couple of things you notice on the radar, still a couple problems. in right here across parts of new england now, there's been some very heavy rain and a bit of flooding and the threat for severe weather, even tornadoes across parts of new england during the evening hours tonight, but the snow continues to fall as well, and we might see about another six inches or so on top of the two to three feet we've seen, so incredible snowfall. winds dying down just a little bit, still gusting to 29 in new york, but where you don't see any color on the map, that means the winds have died down across at least western pennsylvania. not the case just yet, though, as you go back more towards the great lakes. 36 in detroit, 34 in chicago. those waves you were just seeing this those pictures in chicago, 17 to 20 feet high waves in
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chicago, so far away from where this storm came on shore. gotta show you these temperatures right now, greta. a very cool night. we still have over 6,500,000 homes without power, and those are homes, multiple people living in homes. there's probably 12 to 15 million people tonight who don't have power and that extends all the way back towards areas of indiana and a very cold night in store for them. if you don't have any power, you need to do whatever you can, certainly get lots of blankets. take a look at what happens over the next few days. cleveland, you stay into the 40s. overnight lows into the low 40s. philadelphia, into the upper 40s, mid 50s. burling, vermont, that's kind of the warm spot there, and then down towards new york city, temps dropping a little bit the next few days, so very cool temps coming in behind this. greta, just think about this. if you're out there trying to clear through the water and clean up all of your mess and your temperatures are only into the 40s and 50s, that's a very, very cold thing for people to go through. greta?
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>> greta: rick, indeed it is. thank you. >> you bet. >> greta: this monster storm is sending snow to west virginia. a reporter joins us by phone from charleston, west virginia. travis, tell me the conditions, please. >> reporter: well, greta, about 300,000 residents are going to bed without power tonight. the governor said earlier today that power wouldn't be restored until maybe a few days, actually power companies having a lot of trouble getting into the areas where the lines are down. you know, a lot of areas, especially here in the capitol city got 8 inches of snow. more outlying areas, for instance, in randolph county experienced about 24 inches of snow. i think a lot of county officials, local emergency officials were taken off guard by the storm. they just didn't see anything of this magnitude at this time of the year, you know. the end of october, i don't
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think they foresaw a storm quite like this coming. >> greta: well, travis, with 300,000 without power and temperatures that are down low and all that snow, i can only begin to think of the pressure and the demand put on your first responders. i'm curious to what extent the state is ready to go out there and respond, and where do you bring these people who don't have power? do you have shelters? >> reporter: of course. naturally, you know, from the summer we had the powerful storm. luckily the department of highways here went out and tested all of their snow plows and their salt trucks, so they were actually pretty ready for the snow. they were out last night and early this morning salting the roads, and of course, there's been some emergency shelters in place, and there's about 50 on standby. of course, fema has stepped in to offer their assistance as well delivering about 700,000 meals to people across the state. >> greta: and i suspect your
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hospitals have backup generators and senior homes and everything is all taken care of because when you get surprised by a snowstorm this early in the season, and you can't even move anybody around because of the condition of the roads, and you've lost power, it is a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: yes. that is right. i believe a lot of -- we've learned from our past here in west virginia. a lot of bad snowstorms we've come to have the generators ready and have the services ready for the elderly and the hospitals. >> greta: well, the good news is you have the generators ready for the hospitals. the thing that's a little alarming is 300,000 without power tonight and looking at those temperatures. there are going to be a lot of really cold people in west virginia tonight. travis, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> greta: now, we're going to have more live coverage about the storm throughout the next two hours, but right now, the presidential campaign. are you ready? the election now just one week away, and the mega storm
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throwing a wrench into both candidates' campaign schedules, so where does the race stand right now? well, a new rasmussen poll of likely voters showing governor romney leading president obama 49% to 47%. now, that is westboun within thn of error. former mississippi governor haley bar bore join barber join. good evening. > >> greta: have you had any further thoughts about the race? >> for my thinking, the biggest change in the race is to obama's favor and that's been this storm, you know. any day that we're not talking about the economy and jobs, that we're not talking about obama's record for debt and deficits, health care, energy, any day we're talking about something else, that's good for obama, and so i will be surprised if he doesn't make a little bit of a comeback here. he's had a prett pretty solid mt for a month. there wasn't anything happehe m.
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what may stop it is this storm and not so much that the president will do a great job, although i don't have any doubt that he will. mostly what happens right after a terrible storm is we know where i come from, it's the local first responders. it's the firemen, the policeman, the highway patrolmen, the national guardsmen, the mayors, the governors, but the federal government has a role to play, a bigger role down the road, but the biggest thing is changing the subject is great for obama. he's been trying to change the subject all year. >> greta: let's talk about timing. if he changes the subject, for instance, monday night, if everyone is done early voting, doesn't matter if he changes the subject. we're a week out and the subject is being changed a week out. there's a lot of early voting going on. i'm curious if there's a thought in your mind whether the timing of the change in topic. >> well, i mean, obviously the
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changing of the subject that everybody doesn't have on their mind the economy and jobs, obama's policies or the failed results of those policies, instead. rightly americans are concerned about our friends in north carolina or new hampshire and everywhere in between. it's good for obama. it's not goin necessarily goingo turn the world upside down, but as i say, any day that obama's record is not in front of the american people is a relief for obama. >> greta: does it help? i don't know if you've seen the words of governor chris christie. he had some high praise for the president. does that have any impact, a republican governor, and one who is quite popular within the party and certainly is quite colorful. does that have any impact at all on the race at this point? >> look. people understand that chris christie's job is to try to protect the lives, the families, and the property of the people
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of new jersey, and to try to turn around what's happened and get started in a recovery mode as fast as they can, and that one of the resources is the federal government. the federal government has a large program, particularly in the next few weeks, and so any governor of either party should treat the president with respect, and i can tell you when we dealt with bp oil spill and this administration, if we thought the administration or the government was not doing something well, we didn't go out and say it on television. we took it up with them quietly and said look, we think this is a problem. we think this needs to be changed. so it would be really bad governance for any governor to be poking their finger in the eye of the administration when they have to rely on the administration, and so i think chris christie did exactly what he ought to be doing. he's doing what the people of new jersey elected him to do.
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>> greta: what advice politically do you have for governor romney as the topic is being changed due to the storm? >> well, for me, i would sta sao stay as closely exphitted to clr campaign and stay from getting in the way. nobody wants that, but there are lots of places in the country that are not affected by this. he is very right everywhere he goes to talk about it, to encourage people to help. americans, greta, as we saw from katrina, the worst natural disaster in american history, brought out the largest outpouring of philanthropy and volunteerism in american history as well. the american people are incredibly generous. they carry about their fellow citizens, so romney's right to be saying let's help, let's help the red cross, the salvation army, but also we're about to elect a president for the next four years, and there are lots of places in the country where he can be campaigning and should
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be campaigning. i think he's right. he's not going to go out and poke at president obama just like chris christie's not. nobody else is going to. but we got a really big election next tuesday. >> greta: it's sort of interesting. most of the damage is in new jersey and maryland and all these coastal states. they're not the swing states. it seems to me that there would maybe be a political advantage to governor romney because president obama is busy with those states. he can go out to colorado and minnesota, he can go to michigan, and even ohio is touched by the storm. in some ways, the president is sort of locked into position. >> well, virginia's touched by this. pennsylvania very seriously hit by this. there's a lot of overflow into ohio. there's a serious situation there, but the bigger point is that every minute of television today and yesterday and the day before yesterday, every minute was dedicated to this storm
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which means it took off of people's minds and took off the front burner obama's bad record with bad results which is why he's losing this election because the american people know we don't need 4 more' years of this. to the degree this takes their minds off that, that is mhanna from heaven for barack obama. >> greta: governor, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: and now to libya. seven weeks after terrorists attacked our consulate in benghazi, we still do not have the answers. senator lindsey graham is accusing president obama of playing politics with national security. he joins us this evening. good evening. >> good evening. thank you for having me. >> greta: senator, i want to talk about a story that jennifer griffin broke this evening with bret baier, that a due kne tunis in custody. he was spotted with a camera and
7:15 pm
he was picked up in turkey as he tried to transfer through an airport there with false papers, turned over to the people of tunisia, and the american authorities have not been able to have access to this man to ask him questions. your thoughts, sir. >> well, number one, it would be very disturbing if al-qaeda operatives in libya can talk to al-qaeda operatives in tunisia. that shows they have a regional effect, so if a guy from tunisia was able to come down to benghazi, libya, that means they're talking to each other in a way we haven't seen before, but due knee i tunisia, i've bee twice since the revolution. this is where the arab spring started. i know the prime minister very well. i called the embassy tonight. they'll get back to me tomorrow. i'm stunned to hear the tunisians are denying us access. i find that very disturbing and quite frankly hard to believe. i'm going to call the tunisian
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officials and get to the bottom of it. i'm not sure we're trying to get to the bottom of it here at home. i think the obama administration is stonewalling to congress, and misleading the american people. i've written almost a dozen, half a dozen letters to the administration and haven't heard one word back. >> greta: so you think that a conversation with the due knee n authorities will give us access to the man in custody? >> i'm going to find out. i'm shocked that they're not giving us access. they've worked very well with the cia. i'm the ranking republican on our foreign aid subcommittee on appropriations, you know. we're in charge of the money. yes, i'm going to ask the tunisians why can't we have access to this person that we believe was involved in the attack on our consulate. you know, this storm is a terrible thing for america, and i appreciate what president obama is doing to try to help people, but i wish he would give some attention to benghazi, libya when it would have mattered. there was an al-qaeda storm brewing for months. our consulate was attacked in april, attacked again in june.
7:17 pm
the british ambassador was attacked in june. the british withdrew. the red cross withdrew from benghazi. they saw the al-qaeda storm brewing and building, and they evacuated. we did not. we did nothing to reinforce this consulate. it became a death trap, and the president went to a fundraiser right after this event, and you know, he said he was offended by the criticism. i'm quite frankly offended by this administration not being honest with the american people and sharing any information with congress. >> greta: secretary of defense panetta said because there's been some criticism that the united states at least it's thought that they didn't respond to some requests for help on the ground. he said something to the effect we don't send people into danger without knowing the consequence. i know you're also a member of the military reserves and the u.s. senate. do you have any thought about that? >> yeah. i think there would be a lot of military members that would be shocked to hear that. how many operations have we
7:18 pm
launched to help comrades in distress not knowing what the outcome would be but knowing that's what we should do? here's what the american people don't realize. in june our consulate was attacked, on june the 6th. they blew i a hole in the wall that 40 people could go through. about a week the british ambassador's convoy was attack in benghazi, libya. guess who came to their aid? lieutenant colonel wood, an american military member, a member of the utah national guard, part of a security team. he left the american consulate to come to the aid of the british ambassador and extracted wounded people out of the convoy while it was being attacked by al-qaeda. i find it very odd that we can help the british, and i'm glad we did because they're our best friends in the world. we were able to help them in june, but nobody could help our people on september the 11th? don't you find that a little odd that we could get to the british convoy in benghazi, libya within 20 minutes of being attacked in june, but we couldn't help them for over seven hours on september 11th? i find that very disturbing.
7:19 pm
>> greta: i mean, there's so many unanswered questions, and president obama has not i sat dn to answer questions. he had a couple questions thrown at him that he didn't respond. i'm curious. what's going on here? >> i think he's trying to run out the clock. the question how many -- there were three requests for assistance. the president told us that he told his people to help those folks, provide assistance. nobody went to their aid. why not? was the president total of the april and june attacks on our consulate? why di did we leave our consulae open when the british and the red cross decided to leave benghazi because it was too dangerous? how did it become a death trap? why did we deny all the requests for security? you don't need an independent panel to address that. the president knows whether or not he was informed of the previous attacks in april and june. the president knows whether or not anybody tried to help after he ordered them to help these folks, and the president cannot
7:20 pm
possibly believe ten days after this attack this was a riot based on a mob that never existed. they're not answering my questions or anyone else's questions because i believe they're trying to run out the clock here. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, former un ambassador john bottl bolton. what does he say about the libyan situation. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here. election day is a week away. a gallup poll is showing good news for romney. speaker gingrich will talk about that, plus illinois to maine, monster storm sandy is not letting up yet. our live storm coverage our live storm coverage continues. but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card...
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>> greta: tonight the hunt for answers about libya continues. why aren't we getting the whole story. former ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening. thanks for being here. what was the cia in the post supposed to be doing? >> that's one of the questions that hasn't been answered. one can understand to a certain extent why you don't exactly want to broadcast what it was about, but it obviously played a critical role in the events of september the 11th, the attack on the consulate, and perhaps in the leadup to it. i think this is something that given that it's been in every
7:25 pm
media outlet in the entire world by now, it's not like the existence of that cia post there is a secret to anyone. there's been a lot of speculation about it. it was functioning separate from the consulate, separate from the embassy, that it was engaging in a weapons buyback effort from the surface to arami air missilt qaddafi had and into the hands of al-qaeda, a lot of speculation about those surface-to-surface-to-air missiles and so i think this is something that needs to be focused on. obviously the administration hasn't spoken a word about it. >> greta: why would our ambassador be meeting likely or possibly with the turnish diplomats that night. there was a lot of intrigue. some say we're passing weapons to the syrian rebels through
7:26 pm
turkey. >> there's been speculation. my personal opinion, if we were buying weapons from the al-qaeda or terrorist militias in benghazi to give to the syrian opposition, i'm outraged by that because these surface-to-air missiles and other weapons from qaddafi's arsenal, falling into the hands of terrorists is bad enough. for the u.s. to be transmitting them to opposition forces in syria, i think that would be beyond the pail. i hope, i hope the more likely story is we were trying to ballot up these weapons like ank blotter. >> greta: you refer to them as qaddafi weapons. are you sure they're qaddafi weapons and not our weapons that we supplied or nato supplied to the rebels in an effort to overthrow qaddafi. >> that would be even worse if that's possible. >> greta: that's like fast and furious in a twisted way. is that possible or unlikely? >> i think that's unlikely.
7:27 pm
the fact is this cia station was operating in benghazi. it was a large operation. it wasn't functioning like intelligence operatives normally do, and i'm not saying anything that's not widely known here, but you have sometimes declaredn an embassy. this was something completely different, and i think the relationship between the cia station in benghazi and the consulate is something we need more focus on. obviously the cia had a lot of capabilities they brought to bear on the night of september 11th and yet that was not enough. >> greta: senator lindsey graham said he called the due kne tunin embassy to inquire why we can't talk to the man picked up on the tape on september 11th. what's your thought about tunisia not letting us talk to this guy? >> i go one step before that. i think a republican senator
7:28 pm
made this point. this fellow when he was found in turkey a few years ago would not have turned him over to tunisia. we would have had him or we would have found a way to get him and that guy would be in guantanamo bay being interrogated very closely. that's what we should have been doing. this idea that somehow the administration just stands passively by while an active suspect gets turned over to yet another foreign government i find befuddling, number one. number two, i thought senator graham was right. it is outrageous beyond belief that the tunisian government won't allow us to have access to this person. i don't know what the total supply of foreign aid going into tunisia now, but i would be looking at substantial reduction if they don't start cooperating beginning tomorrow. >> greta: if turkey was so chum my with us and turned it over to us years ago, what happened between the u.s. and turkey that they didn't first call us and instead called tunisia? >> i think the explanation may be the passivity of the
7:29 pm
administration. remember, the prime minister of turkey is supposed to be one of our president's best friends. couldn't they have found a way to get that guy into our custody, maybe 48 or 72 hours while we had a quiet word with him about what exactly he was doing? >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. thank you. >> greta: coming up, the death toll from sandy is rising again. the latest now, 50 are dead, and it's not over. a live report from chicago where the waves are kicking up, and we can't bring the lives of those lost in sandy, but many americans are showing their big, big hearts. relief groups rushing to help those who survived the storm but need help rebuilding. rereverend franklin graham is here. our live storm coverage continues next. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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>> greta: tonight the death toll from sandy is now climbing. it is near 50 and may be climbing higher. sandy is a giant storm and threatening people and causing fierce wind and rain from maine all the way to illinois. in chicago high winds and high surf creating dangerous conditions at the lakefront. wfld reporter is live in chicago with the latest. >> reporter: well, greta, i can tell you chicagoans have been so intrigued by these dramatic waves here on lake michigan. in fact, behind me, the waves are still battering the lakefront. officials have telling people all day to stay away from the lakefront. because it's such a rare event, people have been coming out in
7:34 pm
droves, taking photos, bringing their cameras and their friends. we're still under a flood warning until 4:00 tomorrow morning, and the good news is that the waves are expected to subside throughout the night. i should mention, though, that we hit a near record, waves as high as 22 feet were measured. the highest recorded waves were recorded last year at 23 feet. we're talking about a one-foot differential. overall, these monster waves were the main attraction, and it was all courtesy of super storm sandy. greta, back to you. >> greta: what's the temperature there, and do you have any power outages? that's part of the storm that hit us so violently on the east coast. >> reporter: well, the temperatures are in the 30s right now, and we did have some power outages and some downed trees from the highway winds. nothing of the magnitude that we've been hearing about in the northeast, but we definitely felt some of the impacts of
7:35 pm
super storm sandy inland as well, greta. >> greta: and in terms of these 22-foot waves, we can see some of the activity behind you. it looks like you're getting some action behind you. i'm curious. are people heeding all the warnings in chicago? are they taking it seriously, or are there a lot of people taking pictures and want to be part of seeing what's going on? >> reporter: overall, no. they're not really heeding the warnings. we were out here all day today, and there are barriers up and around all other the lakefront trail. we saw bicyclists going around the barriers. we saw joggers running, some of them getting hit by waves. no injuries or deaths to report, thankfully, but overall people are coming out to take photos and to witness this really rare occurrence, greta. >> greta: thank you. and some help is on the way for storm victims. the relief organizations samaritans first is sending volunteers and trucks of supplies to the hardest-hit areas. reverend franklin graham is the
7:36 pm
group's president and a good friend of on the record. good evening, re reverend. >> good evening, greta. thanks for having us. i want to say our prayers are with the families that are the victims of the great storm. our condolences to the families that lost their loved ones. many people are praying. i want those that are watching that are i still in the middle f the storm, there are a lot of people praying. >> greta: i suppose many people have seen lots of pictures we've put on greta wire and aired here, but samaritans first is a finely-oiled machinery, almost. you just got off a plane from sudan yesterday preaching, went right to the trucks. tell me what you have headed out to help these people. >> well, we've got -- greta, we've got tractor trailers filled with tools and equipment, and what we do is we pull into an area. we'll find a local church that we can work with, and then we'll have volunteer teams that come
7:37 pm
from churches all across the united states. we manage these teams. we go into the community and find homes that need help and we'll take a work order. we'll assign a work team to that home. we already have 200 volunteers waiting to go. our trucks are in delaware right now waiting to go in. the governor of new jersey has asked that volunteers not come in right now, that th they wait until the public safety is there. you've got power poles down. you've got high tension power lines and these kinds of things that are across the roads. those things have to be out of the way before anybody can go in. but we're there and we hope to go in probably tomorrow, maybe the next day. we've already identified about four different areas that we want to go. we've dispatched three trucks. we've got two that we're holding back in reserve to see if there's a greater need that comes to our attention in the next couple days. we'll dispatch those trucks. we've got a lot of volunteers, greta, that are ready to come, and as we said, wife go we've g,
7:38 pm
but0 hundreds will be available in the next few days. >> greta: the trucks have chain saws, but tell me what's in the trucks. >> it's chain saws, pumps, generators, all types of hand tools, especially when you have a flood like this, greta, it takes -- there's a lot of silt that is left when the water recedes. you'll have sometimes several feet of mud in the basement of a home. that has to be taken out by hand. there's no other way you can do it. just buckets and shovels, and just some strong backs, and that's what these volunteers will do. we'll go into a home and help them actually -- we call it a mud out. you mud out the home. if you take places like atlantic city where you have these casinos and people think of those casinos, there are a lot of middle class and poorer homes in that community, and these people are just devastated. they've got to have help. if volunteers don't come and help them clean up, they're
7:39 pm
going to be sitting there for months to come, and what happens is mold begins to grow in these houses. so you've got to get the water out, you've got to dry it, and then where there's mold, you've got to be able to take the sheet rock out so the walls can dry out, and then you'll have teams to come back in and help them repair it. >> greta: when i said it was a finely-oiled machine, i've been down there, it's almost like firemen. you've got all those trucks ready, they're all stocked and ready to go. the tragedy or calamity happens, your volunteers show up, trucks go out the door and you're waiting for the green light. it's so well organized and people can readr more about it on samaritans it's an amazing operation to get help to people that need it. reverend, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: coming up next, the monster storm that struck a week before the election. will is keep voters from the policy? our political impact will talk about sandy's impact on the
7:40 pm
election. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here. he's live. a new poll showing how earlier voters are leaning. speaker gingrich is here to talk about the numbers coming up. i t, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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>> greta: super storm sandy chewing up the u.s. just a week before the election. will power outages and other damage keep people from the polls? joining us, our political panel. the weekly standard steve hayes is in atlanta an here in washington, a.b. stoddard and byron york. steve, your thoughts about hurricane sandy and whether she'll have any impact whatsoever on the election. >> you know, greta, i actually think that she could have an impact on the election in part because she allows president obama to do two things that he has been unable to do throughout the rest of october. since the first debate. one is restore this likability advantage that he had over mitt romney. remember, going back over the summer, he had advantages on this likability question of
7:45 pm
sometimes 30 points in polling that we've seen. by being president in this case, by going out and by talking to the victims of this tragedy, he's able to, i think, convey once again the barack obama that people found attractive back in the summer before the debates and before he was sort of tougher and more aggressive, and the second thing, and the more obvious thing is he's able to be presidential. i think the obama campaign hasen such a way that he can show sort of a stature gap between barack obama and mitt romney. now, romney did a good job in that first debate, and in subsequent debates to some extent in erasing that, but barack obama is the president, after all. i think this allows him to position himself just by virtue of doing his job at quote, unquote, presidential. >> greta: not only is he out there handling the problem one of the storm, he's getting high praise from republican governor chris christie in new jersey. >> yeah. that was a crafty move on chris christie's part.
7:46 pm
>> greta: in what way? >> well, i think chris christie has not been the best surrogate for mitt romney starting with his convention speech, and his set up for the set up for the debate which actually turned out to be correct because the whole game changed just as chris christie said, and mitt romney had a terrific debate on october 3rd. i think chris christie has his own ambitions. he also is governor of a state that is in crisis, and he wants to work with the president of the united states, and he wants to have cooperation and he wants for it to go well. i think i disagree with steve because i think that president obama is not really doing a lot. he's not -- he might be able to meet with people here and there, but he's not able to campaign through these waning days, not able to get his obama supporters out to become obama voters again is a real detriment to his chances of winning. it was always based on the turnout model. mitt romney has been winning over new voters. mitt romney has momentum. that might be on pause right
7:47 pm
now, but the intensity is on the republican side. people are going to go vote against barack obama for mitt romney even if they don't like mitt romney. the democrats are not feeling that way and if they're out of power and they had to pay to go to a hotel and life is tough comes tuesday, and it's inconvenient, they might not show up, and i don't think that having a few press conferences where he says the power could be out for a while, this is a serious storm, is really going to inspire people with a tough four years. >> the flip side of allowing the president to be presidential is it has put mitt romney in a bit of a box. there was immediately this pressure over whether romney should continue to campaign or out of respect for the people who are in the path of the storm he should stop, so he stopped for a while. he held an event in ohio today which was kind of a half campaign, half disaster relief event where people brought food and stuff that would be shipped to the east coast, but romney appeared. he didn't talk about politics, but it was a way to get him out there.
7:48 pm
but it is just as for the president in the white house, it's kept romney off the campaign stuff for i don't know, close to 48 hours. >> greta: is the election that fragile at this point or are people's decisions that fragile. >> at this time they don't want to lose any time. mitt romney has every minute planned out between now and election day, so the idea of hey, you're going to lose 48 hours, that's a big deal to them. >> greta: well, we'll see what happens. it's a week away, panel, stand by. straight ahead, the all important jobs report. the next one coming out is friday, just four days before the election. will that have an impact on the race? we'll ask the panel. that's next. plus sandy is still carving a path of utter destruction. new information on what the storm is doing right now. that's coming up. >> the power of this storm surge is not to be believed until you actually see it. unfortunately for me, i got to see it today happening in the state where i was born and
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
>> greta: well, hang onto your seats. friday is the day. the crucial job report comes out that day. will it impact the election four
7:53 pm
days later? we're back with the political panel. steve, first to you. let's say something big happens on friday. big up or big down, one or the other on the jobs number. any impact on the election four days later? >> you know, i think it's more likely to have an impact if the jobs number goes downpour again because it -- down again because it would sort of reinforce the argument president obama has been making. this is a slow recovery but it's a recovery nonetheless. things are heading in the right direction. they got a growth report, about 2% growth in this quarter that they would like to wrap their arms around. if the jobs number reinforces the president's argument, it could give him a slight boost. i don't think this is likely to be decisive but a slight boost going in. having said all that, i think the last jobs report was so anomalous, it seems unlikely we'll see a reduction in the unemployment rate given the last report. it's eyely unlikely that we saw nearly a million jobs added, the most since june of 1983, in an
7:54 pm
economy that's puttering along as this one is. >> greta: byron? >> i don't think it's going to have a huge impact because this is an area in which people feel completely by themselves. they know that they haven't been able to find a job or somebody they know hasn't been able to find a job, or they're nervous about losing their own job, so i agree that it was an anomalous report when it went down .3 of a point in a month and debit seem quite right. i think this election will end up being what it's always been about, obama's long-term record on the economy. >> greta: a.b.? >> actually, i disagree. i don't think it's going to swing the election. i think that it would -- if it goes up or down, the unemployment number, it either reinforces romney's argument or the president's, and it actually could make the difference between a non-committed voter who doesn't like either of them and is very disappointed saying i really have to do -- i have to
7:55 pm
get in the car, i have to vote for mitt romney, we have to turn this thing around or maybe the president's right and he's got us on the right track. it really actually could affect turnout from some critical areas, some margins that could help one or the other, depending on whether or not it swings up or down, not if it says the same. >> greta: i think if it goes up or down, it's like lighter fluid to either of the campaigns based on the numbers. i'll take the last word on that topic. panel, thank you. we're going to see you again in our second hour of on the record, so don't go away. get your coffee. that starts next. coming up, speaker newt gingrich is here. we're days from election day, and our live coverage of super storm sandy continues. the storm still slamming the united states, and we're going to show you who is getting it next. stay with us. we'll be right back. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard,
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